Sales growth continues • Craft Beer Restaurant Reference Library


The following is taken from a news release by the Brewers Association.

Craft brewers maintained double-digit (12.3 percent) volume share of the beer marketplace in 2016, the Brewers Association announced. The Brewers Association (BA), is the trade group representing small and independent American craft brewers.


In 2016, small & independent craft brewers produced 24.6 million barrels, and saw an 6.2 percent rise in volume2 and an even higher percentage increase in retail dollar value3. Retail dollar value was estimated at $23.5 billion representing over a 20% percent market share of total U.S. beer sales dollars. That means, more that one out of every dollar spent on beer is spent on craft beer from small and independent breweries.

This is great news for better casual and fine dining restaurants who sell beer in the upper price tiers. More and more customers are seeking these better beers and willing to pay a premium for them.

Craft Beer Restaurant uses the term craft beer in a broader and more inclusive sense than some. Basically, a craft beer is a well-made, interesting beer that costs more than the big popular brands, even when it is of the same beer-style category. Craft beer has a distinct character appropriate for its style and generally pairs well with certain food. A craft beer is most commonly made by a small artisan brewer or by a larger regional craft brewery, imported or domestic. In our eyes, it’s not so much the independence or size of the brewery, but the commitment to high quality that determines whether or not a beer is a craft beer.


Craft category hits double digit market share